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Week 3: Movement as Medicine – Fun & Games Laborer's Take Charge Fitness and Nutrition Program 2023

Date: Saturday April 29, 2023 (This event is in the past)

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Description: Week 3 - Movement as Medicine - Meet the Expert Station – Physical Therapist – Dynamic PT Exercises for Injury Prevention • Meet the Expert – Physical Therapist – Dynamic PT Exercises for Injury Prevention • Drumming - Experience a new form of fitness with Rhythmetrix. This exercise combines music, movement, and mindfulness to get your body moving and calm your mind. The drums are BIG and you can hit them as hard as you want. Proper technique begins with our feet firmly rooted into the ground, our knees bent, our core activated, and our back and arms firing in unison. Our fitness is not about playing the drums, it's about using the drums to get an intense cardiovascular workout that hits unconventional muscle groups. You'll be feeling it the next day! • Fitness Activity with the Health and Safety Fund • Come dressed and ready to work out! • Lockers are available.

Location: 1333 North Broad Street

Contact Information:
Name: Ann and Traci
Phone: 2159255327