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Effective May 1, 2011, the following changes to the Plan's medical coverage will apply:

Three Tiered Coverage

Beginning on May 1, 2011, the Plan will provide three separate medical benefit packages provided through Independence Blue Cross.

The first tier is the Gold benefit. Gold medical benefits are provided through the Keystone Direct Point of Service program.

The second benefit package is the Bronze benefit. Bronze medical benefits are provided through the Keystone Health Plan East (HMO) program.

The third tier is the Silver benefit. Depending on your level of Silver eligibility, your medical benefits will either be provided through the Keystone Direct Point of Service program or the Keystone Health Plan East (HMO) program. 

The type of coverage that applies during an eligibility period depends on the number of hours you work in the applicable work period.

The following links summarize the work requirements for the respective benefit packages.

Gold/Bronze Benefit Eligibility
Silver Benefit Eligibility


Medical Benefits
Independence Blue Cross
Gold  Silver I
 Silver II Bronze

Prescription Benefits
Express Scripts
Gold  Silver I Silver II Bronze

Dental Benefits
Fidelio Dental Insurance Company
Gold Silver I Silver II 

Mental Health/Substance Abuse
Allied Trades Assistance Program
Gold  Silver I Silver II Bronze

Vision Benefits
National Vision Administrators
Gold  Silver I Silver II Bronze

Other Benefits
Life Insurance

Short Term Disability